Thursday, July 12, 2007

A moment of humble thanksgiving

Just when you think you are into a good sleep routine (not me, the baby!), it all goes awry again. One 30 minute nap in 9 hours just isn't enough to keep a 6-month old baby happy, or even functioning! My policy is to try for half an hour, when the 'tired signs' are there, and if she isn't asleep by then, plaster a smile on my face, open the curtains, say "Good morning" in a loud voice and face the rest of the day ---- watching closely for the next window of sleep opportunity.

She finally fell asleep on my shoulder at 5pm. There goes the evening routine, but what the heck - flexibility is a virtue, right?

I have been reading a wonderful blog this afternoon - Amy's Humble Musings. I find such women so inspirational. And so, I find as I watch from the window beside the computer, and see the clouds gathering for an evening of rainshowers, while Naomi snoozes, that I am able to whisper a quiet thanksgiving for all that is good in this life -- my wonderful fiance, a cosy house, a garden with "potential" (!), and even a cranky baby. Because, happy or irritated, she is still a gift from the Lord, and she blesses our lives.

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