Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laundry Little Step - purge purge purge!

Yes, that's right... today is the day for chucking out all the 'stuff' that has gathered in your laundry area. Empty boxes, bottles, fluff from the lint filters, crumpled tissues, treasures taken from pockets before washing... I have just removed the following from my laundry area -

1 coathanger
3 mismatched socks
5 safety pins
1 'dead' scourer
A large pile of lint fluff; and
A partridge in a pear tree.

OK, maybe not the last one, but you get the drift.... purge the 'stuff', ladies, and feel better for doing it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Laundry Little Step - Into the depths...

If your washing basket is anything like mine, you do a load most days, taken from the top of the basket. Do you have clothes that you can't find? Sure you had a pink top but now it is nowhere to be find? It is time to reach into the depths of the laundry basket, and empty it out.

This might seem like a very BIG little step, but believe me, the sense of satisfaction at seeing the bottom of the laundry basket will be worth it. So today's task is empty out the basket, sort it and start doing the loads. My problem usually is that delicates, woollens etc sit in the bottom for ages, because they take extra effort to wash. Well, put your woollies in to soak first, while you do a main load.

This is worth 1 point for each load of washing that you do today, and a bonus 5 points if you do manage to get to the bottom of the basket!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laundry Little Step - Around the tub...

How does a week slip by me so quickly? After an unscheduled week off, I am right back into Little Stepping my way to some housekeeping harmony ;-).

In the laundry this week, a quick job to start the week... all we are going to do is swish a cloth around the rim of the tub, and on any surfaces that you can easily do... for me, that is the top of the washing machine, and around the dryer. Wipe off the stray fluff, and general gunk that gathers around the laundry tub... and then you are done!

I was very lucky to meet a lovely blog follower on the weekend - so thank you to everyone for reading! I am going to give away one of my pretty little cosmetic bags to one lucky person who turns in their 'points' at the end of May... you don't have to have the most points, just send me an email with your total, and you will be in the draw to win!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bathroom Step - Down the sink...

Every morning and evening, I brush my teeth, rinse in the sink and shudder at the sight of the plug hole. Ick... how did it get in such a grimy state? Well, today's the day I change all that!

I am going to pull out the little grid thing (most modern plastic-type bathroom sinks have a removable grate over the drain hole). If you get your finger in and give a sharp tug you will soon know if it will come out. Now be very careful not to drop anything down there, while the grid is out! (Take your rings off before doing this job).

Grab an old toothbrush and give it a good scrub. Then just scrub around the pipe hole as well - just the top, let's not go crazy and clean the whole drain! Return the grid (it should just clip back in), then give the whole sink a quick wipe down with a cloth. Done!

This is worth 1 point for each bathroom sink that you do, and an extra point if you shout yourself a new toothbrush after using your current one to do the cleaning!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bathroom Step - Shelve It

I am too embarrassed to show you a photo of the shelf in our shower. It is cluttered with empty shampoo bottles, dead razors and nearly-dead soap bits. And because it is glass, it is grimy with soap scum too.

But today is the day that it gets a face-lift! Take a look at the shelf, shower caddy, or those handy corners of your bath tub that get cluttered with 'stuff'. Cull the empty bottles, ditch the soap scraps, dispose of dead razors and give the whole lot a wipe down.

Then smile when you next have a shower and enjoy the tidy shelf!

This is worth 1 point for each bathroom that you do - go next door and do your neighbour's if you only have one bathroom yourself! ;-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bathroom Step - Out the Window

We are in the bathroom this week - a room that I sadly neglect far too much. And one of the things that I rarely do in here? Dust. So today the challenge is just to wipe the window sill in your bathroom, and the one in the toilet, and dust any little knick knacks or things that are sitting on them.

Quick and easy - and you can admire the view out the window, while you are there!

And on the subject of quick - here is a quick question for you... do you like the 'one week in each room' format for the Little Steps challenges? Do you have a room or area that you would like to focus on?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Step - Make a Mother's Day...

Mums are amazing people. I realise each day, just how amazing my Mum is - to have raised 4 children, while working full time, and now gone on to achieve her dream of studying and qualifying as a Registered Nurse.

But it is in the day to day grind that we can totally lose sight of what an amazing job we are all doing. And all it takes is an acknowledgement, or recognition, by someone else of what it is that we are achieving each day, to make that day special.

I was doing the grocery shopping last week (with my list - although Ryan was enjoying chewing on it, at times), when I noticed another mum, with a little girl about the same age as Naomi. They were choosing something from a shelf. Then she walked back to a double stroller - she also had twin boys, who looked to be about 9 months old. The thought struck me that she faced a far greater challenge in doing something as simple as the shopping, than I did. She can't use any of the trolleys, so had to hold everything in a basket, while pushing the stroller and controlling a toddler.

I sent up a grateful prayer for my 2 little cherubs, and continued on. I spotted her later, in the carpark, quite close to our car. I couldn't help but smile and say "Wow, I thought I had it tough - you are doing a fantastic job!". And do you know what? She smiled back at me. A tired, frustrated, "I just need a few minutes peace" type smile... but nevertheless, she smiled. And said "Thanks".

I hope that she got as much enjoyment out of the simple exchange of sympathies over the frustrations of daily life with kids, as I did. Anyway, the challenge for this weekend is to make a Mother's Day. It doesn't have to be big, or complicated. It doesn't have to be your own mum - any mum will appreciate it! Just a word acknowledging what a great job they are doing.

Happy Mother's Day.