Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crafty gift idea!

It was my wonderful mum's birthday last week - she is such an inspiration to me (see today's other post!). Anyway, now that her studies are all but done, she is itching to get back into patchwork, knitting and other crafty things in her "spare" time - aside from all of that full-time work nonsense she will be doing!

So my brainwave for a gift idea was an annual subscription to a patchwork/craft magazine. You get a discount on each issue, for buying in advance, and every month she gets a pleasant little luxury in the mailbox.

When her eyes lit up as I told her (and handed over the current issue that I had bought), I was glad of the brainwave -- (and also hoping to be able to filch some back issues when she isn't looking, in due course!!). The gift that keeps on giving!

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