Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Physical exertion

I was a fan of Naomi having swimming lessons - now I am the world's BIGGEST fan of baby swimming lessons. We went along at 9.00am, as usual, for her class. This is normally Naomi's morning nap time, but she doesn't seem to be bothered by having her lesson instead. But after half an hour of splashing, kicking, ducking under and watching mummy blow bubbles, a girl is pretty tired out. Soooooo tired out that when we got home, I gave her a feed and she slept for ..... 3 hours!!!! **GASP**

This is totally unheard - Naomi is the Queen of Catnapping. A 39-minute wonder. Her timing is generally immaculate - I have just long enough to do a bit of housework, boil the kettle, make a cup of tea and sit down ... and then she cries.

But not today. I was actually beginning to worry about her, so was checking her breathing every 15 minutes!! LOL --- just couldn't accept that such a dream could possibly be reality! But never fear -- I did not run out of things to be doing while she slept - including finishing my cup of tea (such luxury) and some stitching.

It must have been a very restorative sleep, because this afternoon Naomi has inched her way across the lounge floor (chasing a toy truck that just kept rolling out of reach), and is currently blowing bubbles at me from under the dining table. This is her longest solo expedition to date -- and a reminder that I must 'baby proof' the house ASAP.

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