Monday, August 27, 2007

Ski bunnies!

Here is my favourite picture of our holiday to the snow -- complete with us 3 snow bunnies! We had a lovely time, and I even got a bit of skiing in, while Grandpa and Aunty J minded Naomi.

Thank you for your prayers - Brad's eye has stayed as good as we could have hoped, and he has a check-up with his eye doctor this Friday, so hopefully all is well.

I did learn a few lessons on holidaying with a baby during this last week, so here goes!

1. Even if baby is perfect on the 7-hour drive to the snow, playing in car seat, napping - do not, repeat DO NOT expect a repeat performance on the return journey a week later.

2. Do take plastic bibs on holidays, rather than cloth ones - which are just gross when stored after use in a plastic bag in the suitcase.

3. Do not expect that your baby will enjoy the tinned baby food that you buy (for convenience), when all they have previously eaten is home-cooked food.

4. On long drives, do prepare to have to stop for a photo opportunity with extended family and baby, at every single look-out, scenic spot, park, toilet block etc..... How many photos do people really need?!?!?!?

5. Do ensure that the car you are driving has a CD player, if you want to play your baby's usual nap time CD in the car.... rock music radio stations don't have quite the same ambience!!

6. Do expect naps to be all over the place, or even non-existent. But try to keep as much routine (eg dinner, bath, bed), as is possible - but expect to have to move bedtime forward if naps have been non-existent.
7. Keep a smile and remember that family holidays are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable for ALL concerned - so don't feel bad handing the baby over to friends, family for a while, to maintain your own sanity.

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