Monday, October 22, 2007

Day care -- a 1 month assessment

This week will be the 4th week that Naomi has been in family day care on Fridays. So here is my assessment of the situation so far.

1. Naomi now goes to to sleep for naps, in her rocker, without having to feed or be cuddled. (Learnt this trick off the daycare mum)
2. Have time to do the 'heavy' cleaning jobs that don't get done while Naomi is around.
3. Have spent some lovely time with my mum (hi mum!).
4. The daycare mum is great, and obviously good with kids.

1. My stopping in to breastfeed during the day seems to distress Naomi more than if I just stay away.
2. I can't get her to drink formula, and my expressing efforts are pitiful - it is taking me all week to get a bottle for her, which she probably won't drink from the bottle anyway!
3. A twinge of mummy guilt for having the 'luxury' of a day of daycare.

I am not sure what to do about the feeding situation. She gets so distressed when I come and go through the day, for her morning and afternoon feeds, but I cannot get her to drink milk from a bottle or sipper cup. She just knows where the good stuff comes from, I guess.

But, all in all, the day away from Naomi does help me to feel like a normal, productive human being again!

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