Thursday, November 29, 2007

Very Vintage - Part 1

I haven't really let on much in this blog, but I am a closet vintage addict. I have been outed to my nearest and dearest (Mum and Emma), but that is ok, because they are as addicted as I am! But for those of you to whom this comes as a shock, please take a few deep breaths. I assure you that our house is not decorated in flocked rose-print wallpaper. Alas.

But I do dream of one day living in a cottage, or a house with character... something with history, and lovely little nooks and crannies just begging to be decorated with restored furniture and scattered vases of the flowers I will grow in the cottage garden. (Ignoring my black thumb). For this I think I am going to have to move - either down south, or back to the UK. There just aint nothin' like that here in our tropical paradise. But more on that in the years to come....

So I have decided to treat you, over the next couple of weeks, to a selection of my favourite vintage websites - the ones that keep my genteel Pride & Prejudice-style daydreams alive, while I wipe off the shmeared banana from sticky hands and highchairs... have I mentioned that I HATE banana??

Top of the list is The BrocanteHome Chronicles. Brocante is a French word meaning 'a thing of trivial value'. This site is all about bringing some vintage joy into the mundane life of a SAHM. Alison has an amazing list of Puttery Treats that are perfect to help you bring a little bit of joy, luxury, or pleasure into your life - in the simplest ways! Even just reading the list is a treat in itself.

Alison has just run her first Puttery Treats challenge - bloggers were invited to choose a treat and then write about how they incorporated it into their home / life. Some of the responses were utterly delicious to read - there really are some talented writers out there in bloggy-land. And of course, all who participated got to enjoy their treat! The next Puttery Treats challenge begins in January, so keep an eye out for it.

I hope you enjoy Brocante Home as much as I do...

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