Sunday, January 6, 2008

A cosy morning

What better way to spend a few minutes than blogging, while listening to the rain water the garden, sipping a cup of tea and with a scented candle burning on the bench? Oh, and don't forget the dulcet lack of sound which is a child's nap time!

This is how I find myself... wondering how all my stars have aligned to give such a blissful moment? Hmmm... don't think... just enjoy!

I had every expectation that my meagre efforts at gardening would have perished during our week away in the Big Smoke. (I have previously been dubbed "The Butcher", as a result of the tendency that plants in my garden have towards... well... dying). The weather had been hot hot hot, and all my tender new plantings were wilting by mid-morning... even things in the shade! I love cottage gardens, but such temperate plants are difficult to coax in the tropics... unlike weeds, which grow like wildfire!

But I had not reckoned on the monsoon returning in full force, and record rainfalls coming that week. So when I got back, not only were my plants not dead.... some of them were even putting on a very pretty show!

I love agapanthus, for its cool climate cottagey feel, and this is my first ever flower spike from my potted ones. The variety is called "Wavy Navy".

Also this runner vine, which I believe is a relative of the Allamanda. I was digging this garden bed a coupe of months ago, and chopped up some roots of the mother vine, which runs along our pool fence. Numerous runners have sprouted from the chopped root sections, and I am going to transplant them to along our border fence. Hopefully they will cover the view of the neighbour's hideous house extension. But that is another story.

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