Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've been tagged!

My lovely friend Kara has tagged me to divulge 6 things you may not know about me. I can think of about 600 things that are lurking in my background just waiting to be revealed, but here goes with a few things off the top of my head...

1. I don't eat salad, and not much in the way of fresh fruit. Can't stand it - if the Lord had meant me to be a rabbit, he would have given me long ears and a fluffy tail. But I do eat lots of veges, and provide plenty of fresh fruit for Naomi, who is turning into quite the little Fruit Bat.

2. I feel like the UK is just as much "home" to me as Australia. I have visited a few times, and lived in London for 6 months - the best 6 months ever. My grandfather was born in Glasgow, and I have this gut connection to Scotland. Whenever I go there, it just feels right. Like I was meant to be there.

3. I am a water baby. Could swim and laze in our pool all day - if not for the wrinkles!

4. I now have a thing about people taking diabetes seriously. Brad is a Type 1 diabetic (since he was 4), and we have had to go through 2 diabetic seizures, each at about 3am, calling the ambulance and thinking he was going to die, right there in the bed next to me. He doesn't remember them afterwards, so I am the one left traumatised by it. Diabetes is serious, people. And it kills. And most of us can do something about not getting it.

5. I love to travel. All over the world, but particularly Europe. I also want to see Canada, and "Big Sky Country" Montana.

6. Why Montana?? Because I am a country girl at heart, and always will be. Wide open spaces bring me peace, and a closeness to God.

Now I am going to tag my new friend, Barbara, and my sister Emma.

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