Tuesday, January 8, 2008


One resolution down already.

It should be illegal to give women handmade chocolate delicacies for Christmas, when they have resolved to at least watch what they eat this year..... Well, I did watch these.... I watched them from the box to my lips, and I watched the number in the box quickly dwindle.... but I have avoided watching them appear elsewhere - such as on my hips! As my engineer hubby says, for action there is an equal and opposite reaction....
So, to Nina, of Nina's Handmade Chocolates, whoever you are -- thank you for the delicious treats... but, really.... thanks for nothin', kid!

I have been doing better at the resolution to smile in the mornings... there again, maybe I have been smiling in the mornings because I knew a scrumptious chocolate selection was waiting for me, with my morning cup of tea!

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