Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sewing bee

Where has the last 3 weeks gone?? I cannot believe it has been soooo long since I found time to post!

I have been busy busy busy. The Family Daycare business is really starting to take off - I now have as many children to care for as I want for the moment. I have decided to limit myself to Naomi + 2 each day, rather than the +3 that I can legally take. Four children of 2 and under is just crazy. I know -- I've tried it! Frankly, the money for 1 extra child isn't worth the frustration and exhaustion that I feel by mid-morning! And having 1 place available each day allows me to take emergency care if the need arises, or if one of my current children needs an extra day of care for some reason.
As for the reference to sewing in the title of this post, I have been busy on that front too. It is getting chilly here now (well, what we tropical people think of as cool, anyway), and I wanted to make Naomi some long-sleeved t-shirts and rompers. I took her and Brad to Spotlight (I know... crazy, huh??), and he picked out a pattern for short-sleeved rompers, and some very light-weight knit fabric. Ummm... why? Because he liked the print and thought it would be cute on our little Blossom. Oooohhhhh kayyyyy.......
But I thought, well, I can put long-sleeved shirts under the strappy rompers, so that will work well. My wonderful Mum gave me a lesson in t-shirt making, (which is easy, when someone is showing, and a fiddly pain in the neck when figuring it out on your own!). Then on to the rompers. A very easy pattern, so it only took a couple of sessions to get it all together. I made the 12 month size for my tiny little Miss 16 Months. Then I tried it on her. The legs (meant to be a short-leg romper) dragged on the floor. And the shoulder straps fell off - on both sides.
The picture below wouldn't turn right way up, so you will have to tip your head to the side. I am putting this romper away until next season. Or maybe next year!

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