Friday, June 13, 2008

Where, oh where has she been?

Trapped. Digging my way out from under a huuuuge pile of packing boxes, containing all of the stuff that was deemed necessary enough to be moved. I thought I was ruthless, when I packed. I took large bags of clothes to the charity shop. I threw out several car loads of junk and rubbish. I even culled (ok, maybe that is too strong a word. Maybe I lightly pruned) my craft and sewing stash. So why do I still have boxes of things that I look at and think ... why did I keep that??

But more to the point.... What did I do with the can opener?? That is driving me crazy. Do you know how many canned goods there are that don't have ring-pull lids? And that I have always just blithely opened with the can opener that I had before moving into this black-hole void for kitchen utensils?!?!?!!

Oops. Sorry for getting carried away. See what happens when you blog late in the evening after 2 glasses of wine?

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