Friday, November 14, 2008

Are you in the spirit yet?

My friend Kara at Eskimo Kisses and Air Hugs recently asked whether we all had our 'Jingle' on yet. Thanks, Kara! You have given me the perfect excuse to 'get Festive'! I adore Christmas ... but don't like when the shops start playing the carols in October. When we were kids, my family always had a rule that Christmas decorations and preparations started after the last person finished school for the year (in Australia we have our major 6 week school holiday break over December / January). This person was always my Dad - being a primary school principal, he worked until the last day of school, and didn't get out early for good behaviour!
So it feels a bit wrong to be doing decorating etc before early December. However, I have started trying to get things together so I am not totally "snowed under" (ha ha ha - the temperature here is scorching and humid every day!) for the Christmas rush.
I have been meaning to make a patchwork Advent calendar for the past couple of years - but it just isn't happening. So when I spotted one on a beautiful craft stall, at some local markets, I snapped it up. It has numbered pockets for each day and I love the idea of putting little trinkets and treats in each pocket, for Naomi to open. Far more personal -- and healthy -- than the commercialised chocolate-loaded 'Christmas Count Down' calendars that are in all the supermarkets.
I went to the crazy outlet shop and bought some little sheets of stickers, pretty jingle bells, and nice wooden ornaments for her to hang on the tree. Other things (like a book that was on special and a little plush toy), can be hung off the appropriate pocket the night before.
What have you done to start Christmas preparations? What is your favourite family tradition?

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