Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet Bluebell...

A warm welcome to the newest member of our family... Bluebell the Budgerigar. We have been mulling over getting a pet for Naomi for a little while now. With work and the prospect of moving we didn't think that a dog or a cat would be the right level of commitment for us to take on at the moment. So that left rodents, fish or birds. Brad outright refused my suggestion of a mouse. I can't understand why!! We decided that fish didn't give too much interaction, so a bird it is.

Bluebell has been a big hit with Naomi. Every morning she races out to say hello to 'bubble'. She is thrilled when Bluebell eats the seed that she has helped to put in the dish, or drinks some water ("Bubble eat seed!"). With a lifespan of around 12 years, we are hoping that Bluebell and Naomi have many happy times together, and that our little princess learns a bit about responsibility and a love for animals too.
Having said all of that, we have been a house of sickness for the last 5 days. I started with a chesty cold, the coughing had me nauseous and then the nausea took on a life of its own and turned into gastro. I ended up with a shot of maxolon from the doctor to settle my stomach, so that I could at least keep fluids down. Then on Saturday evening, Brad came down with the same thing - we ended up in our hospital's Emergency Department for him to have the same shot. In Brad's case, being type 1 diabetic, he has to be able to consume a reasonable amount of carbohydrate, or his blood sugar levels drop dangerously low. When he can't keep down fluids, we know we are in trouble and it is time for intervention.
Thankfully Naomi's tummy has remained unaffected, although she has done some truly awful nappies in the last couple of days (sorry... too much info!). Again, the Lord has blessed me with a clogged up nose so I can't smell them during the changing process. We must be grateful for small mercies!

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