Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleep negotiations

Conversation held in Naomi's bedroom last night:

Mummy (as tucking in and giving hugs and kisses) - "Naomi, if you sleep all night in your bed, and don't come in to wake Mummy up, in the morning I will give you sticker. OK?"

Naomi (nestling under blanket) - "Mmm?"

Mummy - "So stay in your bed, and don't wake up Mummy, for a sticker tomorrow."

Naomi (clearly thinking about this concept) - "OK.... wake Daddy".

For the record, she came in and woke me up 3 times, needing to be put back into her bed. No sticker was given this morning.

Does anyone have any ideas for getting a toddler to sleep through? She doesn't wake up crying - she just wakes up, and requires me to be lying on the floor next to her bed, before she will go back to sleep. She has a nightlight, soft music playing, her drink bottle available, etc etc....... I am exhausted, and very worried about what we will do when the new baby comes in 2 months time.

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