Monday, February 9, 2009

Nesting? Or just motivated?

Hmmm.... nearly 35 weeks pregnant. And I am actually getting some projects around the house completed, that have been bugging me for a while.

Such as the playroom toy shelves, which desperately needed sorting, culling and tidying up .....

And the pantry shelves, which also needed a good sort through, clean out and removal of suspicious looking little black specks scattered around the shelves. This is a photo of the bottom half of the pantry - I still have 2 shelves to go up the top!

In the last week I have even managed to finish off some craft projects, such as the patchwork table runner that was the first thing I started sewing on my new machine (on Boxing Day - I had nothing else to sew, and found these left over squares from a quilt I made years ago. I just made this runner up as I went along).

So... what do you think? Nesting?? Or just motivated and efficient. I am going to give the credit to Rachel at Home Sanctuary, and her great housekeeping schedule that I talked about a few days ago. Having just a few jobs to do each day, and which I usually get done by lunch time, seems to free up my mind in the afternoon for doing other bits and pieces. I feel like I have already done the necessary jobs, so spare time (ie. when Naomi is watching her favourite Wiggles dvd!) can be used for accomplishing extra things, or just enjoying crafty things.

I feel like I have a plan, and I don't have to do everything I think of at the time, because the important things are in a schedule, and I know that they will get done during the week. Am I making sense, or just hormonally rambling?!?!?

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