Friday, February 27, 2009

Where do I blog?

My new friend Nikki at Nikki's Notes has tagged me to reveal where I blog from. Eeek! Well, here goes...

This is our office / my sewing room. And yes, it is pretty much always this messy! I don't get enough time to blog / sew / craft, let alone spending time actually tidying it up! Beside the sewing machine are the sweet little girl's aprons that I have been working on lately. There is a large wicker basket to the left of them (not in the photo), that is supposed to be WIP's - in fact, it's just another place for a fabric stash. As is that basket on the top shelf above the computer.
The view out the window is overlooking the front verandah and yard - which is a bit overgrown at the moment. It's just still too hot to get into the garden beds and give them the weeding they deserve.
Now, I am going to tag Kara and my sister Emma to play along and reveal their little corner of the blogging world.

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