Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WIP Wednesday (on Thursday)

I find myself with a few hours to myself, thanks to a very good friend who has come and collected Naomi to take her to the park this morning. So I thought I would actually post my works in progress, rather than just admiring everyone else's!

This first one is a patchwork piece that I have had going for, um, at least 2 years (pre-children days!). I pulled it out on the weekend, looked at the soft muted colours of the background and decided to add the flower applique and cream border. I think it will turn into a cushion cover, in due course. I have never been particularly good at applique, and all the curves in the flower petals were a challenge. I am calling the style "rustic and naive"! Hoping that this will make it charming, rather than just clumsy!

As for the garden shot, Naomi and I worked for weeks chopping down the tropical jungle of weeds and overgrown plants that was cluttering the garden in front of our lounge windows. It is the front of the house, and was not making any good impressions. I have slowly planted it out with what should be a lovely fragrant low hedge of mini mock orange plants, some brunfelsia ('yesterday, today, tomorrow' plants), and various daisies etc. Naomi loves to point to the garden and say "Made this together, Mummy".
The smell of the new pine bark chips wafting through the front windows is particularly lovely -- but not helping keep the weeds down as much as I would like! But we did have our first bird actually use the bird bath the other day -- Naomi was thrilled, watching it from inside the windows.

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