Friday, May 29, 2009


by Aimee at Aimee's Land. I hope you get to know something you didn't know about me before!

8 things I am looking forward to:

  1. Naomi sleeping through the night consistently (maybe by the time she is in high school!)
  2. taking my sewing to sell at a local craft market in a few weeks
  3. trying the Cadbury's choc-mint drinking chocolate that I bought this week
  4. our holiday to the Whitsundays in August
  5. a lazy afternoon of sewing and baking scones this afternoon
  6. bacon & eggs cooked by Brad, for breakfast tomorrow morning
  7. lots of travel when the kids have left home!!
  8. my birthday next month

8 things I did yesterday:

  1. Posted off my first sale from SashaSews!
  2. bought a new pair of jeans on sale at Rivers
  3. made fresh pasta with Naomi
  4. had lunch and a cuppa with my mum
  5. fed Ryan
  6. surfed the web
  7. cut out fabric for a new bag
  8. pushed Naomi around on her bike

8 things I wish I could do:

  1. knit
  2. live in the UK again
  3. own a cosy cottage B&B
  4. own a sweet craft and books store
  5. lose 5kgs!
  6. be more organised
  7. find a gym with Pilates and child-minding on at the same time!
  8. hug my dad one more time, tell him i love him and introduce my children to their Grandad.

8 shows I watch:

  1. Master Chef
  2. news
  3. CSI
  4. Law & Order
  5. Playschool
  6. Bananas in Pyjamas
  7. Antique Roadshow
  8. any classic British comedy or period drama

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