Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's my Birthday - and you are getting the presents!

Thank you for your lovely happy birthday wishes. In fact, the actual day is today - 29 June. We celebrated yesterday, though, as Sweet Hubby leaves for work at an unbearable hour of the morning, and I wasn't going to do present opening with my eyes still gritty with sleep!

But today I turn the big 3-2. Yep, my twenties is fast receding over the horizon in the rear-vision mirror. Sigh. I have a good friend who describes himself as being "29G". He has been 29, 29A, 29B, 29C ....

However, I recently read that a survey showed women in their 30's to be the happiest, most self-assured, and content, of all the age groups surveyed.

So today I have happily, with great assurance and supreme contentment added the FINAL ITEM to this month's Total Pamper Box giveaway.

A delicious tube of bath and shower gel, from Maddigan Australia. Even the design on the tube looks gorgeous!
So the Total Pampering Box now looks like this. This is the last item to be added to the box. A winner will be chosen on 1 July (Australian time), by, from all of the entries received this month. So you only have a couple of days to get those last entries in, for the chance to win it all!


  1. Happy birthday (again!)!! Please enter me (again!)!

  2. Happy Birthday! 29G...I like that!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I think the 30's are wonderful. In fact, I don't think I'd go back even if I could. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday week, that's how we like to celebrate around here:)


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