Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mentioning my 'Unmentionables'

I promised to post photos of our weekend away at the beach, which we spent with Ryan's godmother and her sweet son, who is the same age as Miss Naomi. However, the internet is annoyingly slow here in our Small Town tonight, and I have to share one of "those" moments with you first, anyway!
Sweet Hubby is always telling me that I don't do enough for myself (how SWEET is that man??). So when I was in Big W (a variety super-store) recently, I decided to throw caution and the budget to the wind. I had purchased food for the week. I was resisting the siren call of the local craft and fabric store. What better way to reward myself for such thrift than to splash out and buy some new underwear?

And wow, what a splurge it was. A 10-pack of cotton hi-cut briefs ('cos I am certain you want to know every detail of my under-garments), which even sported pretty pink prints on them. And all for A$10.00 ... am I a bargain shopper or what???

So when we get home, I am feeling so motivated that I begin to cull my underwear drawer right away. What a sight - holes, saggy elastic, serious sun-fading ... what a joy to throw them out. It was fantastic, liberating. I felt myself in sync with all my global sisters, full of the joy of putting on fresh, pretty underwear.

Naomi watched all of this in wonder, constantly asking me "Mummy, what you doing?".

I was on such a roll that putting that that bag of awful under-things in the kitchen bin wasn't enough. I had to take them right out to the big wheelie bin, that was on the road waiting for collection. My feeling of freedom and uplifted spirit lasted all the way down the driveway, right up to the point where Naomi ran after me, stood in the middle of the front driveway and yelled, at the top of her lungs "NO MUMMY - NO THROW UNDIES IN THE BIN!!!".

I wished the cement driveway would swallow me up, right then and there.

My wardrobe - the scene of the crime.

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