Friday, July 31, 2009

Are you a Bag Lady yet??

If not, come and join the Club!

Yes, I have started a Bag Ladies Club, over at the official Sasha Sews Facebook page. All you have to do is visit the page (the widget link is over there in the right column of this page), and click on "become a fan".

When you do you become a member of a very exclusive group. Every month, I will feature a different bag, purse, tote, make-up pouch, and maybe even some aprons for both the littles and bigs. My lovely Bag Ladies will receive an exclusive deal on that item, for the whole month!

The feature bag for August is this hand-embroidered shopping tote bag (medium size, so it won't get too heavy to carry). Because anything so useful should also be lovely to look at! And the Bag Ladies Club deal is..... Buy one, get one free! That's 2 shopping totes for only $12.50 (plus shipping).

So if you want to have the prettiest eco-friendly shopping bags (and save a fortune not having to pay for the shop ones every week), come and be a Bag Lady with us!
Click HERE to sign your life away... I mean join up! Honest!

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  1. I just signed up for your "Bag Lady" club. What fun!


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