Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do you Tweet?

I have heard a lot about Twitter, but never thought I would have the time to check it out. But I have. And I really like it. It is kind of fun to see what my cyber-friends are up to, through the day.

So if you Twitter, come searching for me - my user name is SashaSews. I would love to link up with you all -- the time difference makes things a bit strange, but I do like the short and sweet catch-up aspect.

AND ... Twitterers (I think I may have just discovered a new word!) just might hear about EXCLUSIVE stuff happening over at Sasha Sews! Ha ha ha. More of that shameless self-promotion again!

I received a lovely comment from a purchaser of one of my bags, the other day ... "I got the purse, and its adorable and beautifully made." Thanks for the feedback, Olivia - I am glad you liked it.


  1. No, I don't tweet, but I am on facebook. Are you?

  2. Yes! I am on Facebook, and am getting better at updating it regularly. Search for Sasha Fowler.

  3. Do I tweet? One word for you. Constantly.

    (You can link your FB account & Twitter accounts together, like I do, so when you update on Twitter, it automatically goes onto your FB account.)

  4. I tried looking for you but for some reason or another I can't! There is a link on my page to my Twitter page - maybe we could hook up that way.

  5. I tried to find you also on Twitter, said there is not a user of that name (SashaSews).


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