Monday, July 6, 2009

What a Twit..(ter)

Now I am feeling VERY technologically challenged (this from the person who used to set up all my boss's crazy techno-gadgets and actually get them to work).

I searched Twitter and can't even find myself!! (story of my life!). BUT here is my Twitter homepage:

I promise that if you click on that link, you will find me tweeting away. I hope. Unless I am asleep. Although, sleep is becoming a bit of a fantasy for me, thanks to Naomi.

So come and tweet with me - I have some followers, but I suspect most of them are Eastern-European spammers. But if they want to listen to me tweet, then who am I to complain?? I have booted off the x-rated ones though.

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  1. What techno-gadgets?? Anyway, now I'm a crackberry! Pedalled thru Atherton on the way to Karumba a few days ago but too cold to stop!!

    B XX


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