Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Having a plan

I am not too great at having a plan and following it. I would love to be more organised, and really MUST get my shoebox of receipts in better order before the accountant has an apoplexy.

But Brad and I have decided that we must have a plan. He works crazy long hours in a high stress job (engineering on large construction jobs). He is well paid, and this allows me the luxury of staying at home to be with our children and dabble in delicious fabrics. But all the stress he has, is for the company's benefit!

There is also Brad's health to consider. He is Type 1 diabetic (the genetic kind). His eyesight isn't so great, blood sugar levels need constant monitoring (stress creates hormones that block the insulin from working). At some point in time, we know that this job is not going to be the right thing for his health.

So we need a Grand Plan - something that will help us get to the point where we can choose what we really want to do with our lives. Should we sell the investment property (not the greatest time to be selling real estate, though)? We are seriously thinking of our own business, which would give Brad much greater flexibility with regard to his health needs. But we know that we need to work hard in the next 5 or so years, to save the kind of cash that will be needed, before he can chuck in construction engineering for good!

I am seeing a financial planner this afternoon, which I hope will be beneficial in setting a budget, some goals, and getting a clearer idea of how to move forward.

On a small scale, I am also trying to get firm about budgeting our household expenses. The internet and phone bills have been switched to a significantly cheaper company. I am also trying to shop fortnightly, in greater quantity. I have read that the more often you go to the supermarket, the more you spend, above what you intended. This makes sense - less temptation, equals less spending, right?

So my real challenge for this afternoon is to go to the great butcher we have in our Small Town, choose a bulk pack of meat and then figure out how to fit it all into our tiny freezer space!!

I also plan to start a notebook of our monthly expenses. Now I just need to remember to write in it!!

Do you have a Grand Plan, or even just a rough idea of where you want to be, as a family, in X years time? I would love to know that we are not alone in this!

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