Sunday, October 11, 2009

We had to get out of the house....

because 2 year old squealing and whinging sounds less offensive in the fresh air.

So we packed up our sausages and bread rolls, and headed for Lake Tinaroo. This is actually the dam that provides irrigation to most of our regional area. And it has been re-developed, so now has a very nice foreshore, complete with playground and barbeque areas.

The sounds of grumpy Miss 2 (who had refused to have her afternoon nap) were ALMOST swallowed up by those of native birds, gently splashing water and the birthday party going on at the bbq table next to ours!

Now if only we could stay in this pleasant place all night!

Well, maybe not. It got cool and windy. And there were ants.


  1. There are times when I have to leave the house, too, because of fussy children. It's funny how they seem to behave better outside the house, and I'm grateful for that.


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