Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Market re-vamp!

My market stall has kind of morphed from mostly my handmade items, to a lovely little fabric and haby supply stall... which is really my dream of having a crafty & handmade shop, just on a miniature scale at the moment!

This month I have some patterns for sweet projects, and a few ribbons and trims, to add to the stall. But I couldn't figure out how best to display them, as things are a bit crowded already on my allotted table.
Then I came up with this... luckily Brad provided some of the engineering expertise (although he was very frustrated that I sent him to the hardware store without even a sketch of what I had in mind... oops!).

I am rather pleased with the results, but I did learn that those spray can paint colours are harder to use than I thought!


  1. Cute Display Sasha! I always wondered if I did markets how I would best display my jewellery...

  2. Very nice! Aren't husbands great?!!


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