Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bloggy Deliciousness - A Beautiful Ripple Effect

Just a quick post today, as we are off to playgroup soon.

Have you ever found a blog, and loved it so much that you read as many posts as you could, that first time? And added it to your favourites list within minutes of finding it? This happened to me today, when I found A Beautiful Ripple Effect, by Carolyn Rubinstein.

Inspiring, funny, sweet, and a great place to focus on what is important. I feel that it is a place for me to let go of my 'mummy-ness' for a few minutes, and enjoy being a fabric and organising entrepreneur! (LOL - as Brad calls me!).

I am very honoured to have been mentioned in Carolyn's Tuesday Treasures post on organising for spring.

I have become an avid reader, and Twitter follower, and just had to share this beautiful place of inspiration with you.

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