Sunday, March 21, 2010

Manic Monday - Shedding some light....

I very grandly call my little office room "the workroom", or "the fabric warehouse". Or "the craziness that I try to get some work done in".
It is a small room, with dark corners - which just never felt particularly inspirational. But all it took was some new lighting! The addition of a simple desk lamp really improved how I felt about the room... now I just have to work on the clutter! (LOL - oops, did I just admit that?!)
My Manic Monday tip is to make a list of quick, easy, inexpensive ways that you could bring some order, or peace, to just 1 area of the house or office.

Some random ideas -
Add a basket, to collect bits and pieces together.
Get a paper tray, to organise receipts.
Tidy a space and move a pot plant to it, so that you can't put 'stuff' back there!
Add a lamp, or light to brighten a corner or work space.
Use rubber bands to tidy up electric cords (you know, fold them up into a bunch and put the band around to hold it together).
If you just make the list today, then you can start thinking about which ideas you might like to put into action. One little step at a time - today, just make the list.
Oh, and I have to tell you, because I am very excited... If you want to shed some light into a dark corner of your house, come back on Wednesday for some exciting news about a great way to get lighting, online at !

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  1. Oh Sasha, these posts are just what I needed to read today (it's Wednesday, but still). My organisational thing that I need to buy this week is a rack for manila folders to organise paperwork in... my mail, my husband's mail, bills to pay etc... and some pretty manila folders as well!


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