Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Little Step - Changing Seasons

No matter which hemisphere you live in, the seasons are changing. (Turn turn turn..). So we are pulling out the winter woollies, and those of you in the North are putting them away.

Do you have a system for switching over your kids clothes to suit their size and the season (or the adults' for that matter!)? I have a very simple system. I keep a spare laundry basket in the area that I fold clean clothes. As clothes come through the wash system, clean and dry, if they are really getting too small, or no longer seasonally appropriate, I just quietly drop them in the 'other' basket. When it has a few things in it, I sort them and either store for next year, or bag them up to go to a local charity.

As Naomi has a bit of a thing about her clothes, I do keep the basket tucked up the back of the laundry room, out of her line of sight - thus avoiding tantrums about clothes she wants to wear, but doesn't fit anymore!

Then about once a month I do a quick trawl through the drawers & cupboards, for clothes that I might have missed, or that haven't come through the wash cycle.

Your challenge for today is to either - think about a system that will work for your family, for sorting out seasonal clothes, OR to just grab a container, put it where you fold clothes and see if my system will work for you.

Caveat - my system works for 2 little kids & 2 adults. If you have older kids, they could join in with the general cupboard clean-out!

This doesn't have to be a perfect system - but having some sort of a plan in place will be better than being totally haphazard... don't you think?

Have a great long weekend!


  1. I have two little kids and two little kids. I use this this system too and it works for me!

  2. I hadn't thought about keeping a laundry basket in the laundry room, but mine isn't big enough. Rats! But I do have places to throw things when my children outgrow them: Rachel's closet for Sarah Beth's outgrown things, and a box for the consignment sale for the other two's. (I know that's not correct grammar, but what is?) Twice a year, when the season's change, I go through all of their clothes to change out winter to summer clothes or vice versa.


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