Monday, July 9, 2007

A fresh start to my blogging! The past few months have just flown by, and I am only just starting to feel like I may have my head above water again --- well, at least, I may not be in immediate danger of drowning!

Nap time has become the bane of my life - some days its great, she nods off during a feed, and sleeps for an hour. MOST days, though, I struggle for ages to get her to sleep, and then its a 35-minute catnap, at best! Grrrr.... not even enough time to really enjoy a cup of tea and read a chapter of my book. But today she has gone down easily, this morning, so I am hoping for a good sleep. Any nap time tips for a 6-month old would be greatly appreciated!!

Our September wedding is galloping closer and I have to confirm the order of the bridesmaid dresses today - I have been trying to contact the shop for a week, but get ring-outs, or leave messages. Starting to get a bit worried that we will run out of time - but if so, I guess we just shop for something the day before! (Trying to be relaxed about this!)

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