Thursday, July 26, 2007

A rose by any other name

Because I haven't yet posted about my crafting, here is a little something I finished a couple of weeks ago. My sister Emma is the proficient cross-stitcher, but I managed to get this done within my 1 year time limit for craft projects! Now I am not sure whether to just get it framed and hang in my boudoir (well, the bedroom that I dream of being a 'boudoir'!), or whether to try to incorporate it into something else. I think the framing sounds easiest, and then I have it for posterity, as they say!

On a positive note, after a full day of me feeling like a jersey cow (doing everything I can to increase milk supply), and Naomi feeling like she is being fattened up for Christmas turkey dinner, we had a much better night's sleep - only 3 wakes last night. I gave her a full feed at each (tickling feet, rubbing back, moving arm, coughing -- anything to keep her awake long enough for the second side!), and she slept nearly 4 hours between each wake up. As much as I was determined that the nasty nurse who told me I am not feeding her enough and she is waking up hungry was NOT going to be right, I am afraid the proof is in the pudding ... or the sleeping, in this case. I will not be convinced until it is a definite pattern, but I do feel refreshed and full of energy this morning!

Has anyone else had a small baby that is just hungry all the time???

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