Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Keeping up

Why do mothers feel such pressure to have their babies and children in every activity available? In the last 2 weeks, I have been invited to take my 6-month old baby to Kindermusic, Kids in Harmony and Gymbaroo -- each at a cost of over $100 for a few sessions. And I know some women who are doing all 3 with their bubs!! Not only do I not have the money to spend, but I also do not have the inclination to be taking my bub from pillar to post.

It seems to me to be a junior "keeping up with the Jones' " cycle. And what do our kids learn -- that others must organise things for them. What happened to kids making their own games and fun? Call me old-fashioned but if I want Naomi to learn to appreciate different music styles (and I do), I do it by buying $5 cd's when they are on special - Mozart, world music, choirs. And then having the free fun of dancing around the house with her, as often as we want!

Don't get me wrong - I am all for getting out of the house, making new friends and having new experiences. But we seem to forget that this can be achieved at the park, the swimming pool, the beach or a playgroup -- all for free.

We ARE doing swimming lessons, which are significantly cheaper - but I believe in picking one or 2 activities, rather than overloading our kids and ourselves with too many things.

OK, rant over! And if you are a mum doing any or all of these activities and they are comfortaably in your budget and time commitments, then go for it - I admire your stamina and energy!

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