Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maternal Musings...

I am becoming more serious about my idea to start a maternity wear shop here in our home town. When I was pregnant, I found that the department stores have a very small selection, and even smaller in sizes for real women. The one maternity store in town is very expensive (a plain white blouse for A$100!), and buying online was difficult to calculate size and shape..... I ended up mostly just living in large size shirts and the same couple of pairs of shorts!

So I thought to canvas other mums and find out 2 things....

1. What did / do you do for buying maternity wear? Would you prefer to be able to try clothes on?

2. What other products would you like in a maternity shop? Pregnancy-safe aromatherapy? Pretty maternity underwear? Comfortable shoes with a bit of style??

Your comments and input would be greatly appreciated! I am very nervous about this idea, but becoming more certain that it could actually work.....

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