Sunday, September 9, 2007

Prioritising my time

I have had a gentle reminder from Naomi about the important things in her (and our family's) life. I have been sewing a pretty spring dress for her, from some lovely fabric that I couldn't resist (I really should avoid Spotlight!!). Anyway, I was frowning over the tricky scalloped ruffle along the hem, while Naomi played on her mat a few metres away. I normally look up regularly, and we giggle together... but I had been engrossed in pinning, and Naomi was having a bit of a whinge at the lack of attention. I found myself thinking "Come on, I am doing this for you!". That was my lightbulb moment.

She doesn't care what she is wearing - whether it is a pretty floral dress, or a second-hand t-shirt and nappy. She doesn't care if it is hand made with love. She wants my hands to be giving her that love - direct.

Don't get me wrong -- I am still going to indulge my love of sewing her pretty clothes - but not at the expense of our time together.

We had a lovely weekend going to the hardware store, and then for a picnic to the local swimming hole.... at zero cost, for the priceless enjoyment of seeing Naomi giggle and squeal with her dad, splashing around in the water and feeling sand between her toes.

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