Thursday, September 13, 2007

Veils and rose petals

Now I am getting VERY excited. Our wedding is on Sunday, 23 September ... yes, only 9 sleeps to go! It has all seemed a bit surreal - you know, lots of organisation but not much tangible progress. Until now. Yesterday, I had the final fitting for my wedding dress.

Now it is all so real. The dress is lovely - exactly what I wanted (but not really anything like the lovely lady in this wedding clipart photo!!). A bit vintage, a bit old-fashioned - a bit like me, really! Except I don't generally come with pretty scalloped lace edging! I can't wait until the day - but I know it will go so quickly, and then be just a beautiful memory to really start our life together with.

Our wedding is in a little church up in the hills behind our city - and to be different, we are coming back down to town on the cable car gondola ride ...

What was your favourite part of your wedding day? Did you do something quirky, or something to really personalise the celebration?

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