Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WFMW - feeding baby on outings

I have learned the hard way that no cafe or other food outlet will heat baby food anymore - even if you show them the frozen cubes and your hungry baby's face ... and plead! They all say that some mother has sued after her baby's mouth was scalded from microwave heated food that she didn't check the temperarure of! What kind of a world is this??
Anyway, I had to slowly wean Naomi off warm solids and on to room temp or cold solids.
So my WFMW tip is to be sure to have your little one eating room temp food at home, from the start - let the microwave defrosted veges stand until they are coolish, before feeding. Otherwise, like my darling, they may refuse solids (both homecooked veg cubes and jar food) when you are out, because they don't like the strange temperature!
(one store did offer to bring a metal ice bucket of boiling hot water to the table for me to defrost the veges in --- how is this safer than just nuking the food and telling me to mind the temperature before feeding???!!)
Now head over to Shannon for more great tips!

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