Monday, October 29, 2007

The Big issues...

Naomi and I have been contemplating the big questions in life....

Mine is -- why are telephone companies so darn un-helpful?? I applied for broadband with our national telephone company, Telstra, a couple of weeks ago. They are the only company that supply broadband internet connections to our area (which is only a 10 minute drive from the heart of a 130,000 strong city). The very friendly salesman in their shop assured me that I would receive the kit to install, within 10 days....

Yesterday, our phone line went dead. I called Telstra from my mobile phone, to report the fault. After going through their automated queue system (yeah, right, I believe my call is THAT important to them...), the fellow asks if we have had any unusual weather events in our area (what the??? Should I answer "yes, the solar flare-ups have been particularly bad this season"). Then he says, "I see you have a broadband application that has been withdrawn". WHAT THE??? I point out that I have not withdrawn that application - I have been waiting with bated breath to receive my start-up kit.

He offers to transfer me to internet department. I decide to remind him that I am on my mobile phone, paying for this call, and do not want to start again at the bottom of another automated queue. We haggle over this, and he agrees to call me back on my mobile, then tranfer me. When the internet department finally decide to pick up, they say that there are no available ADSL lines at my local exchange. Apparently I have to kill someone with broadband... erm... wait until someone else cancels their internet, and hope that if I apply in a month's time, it will now be available.
But wait, there's more -- then he tells me that I received a phone call 2 weeks ago, advising me of this. Umm... no. I think I would remember that. But it is right there on my file, that a call was made and that they spoke to me! We don't even have an answering machine, so they can't even say they left a message!! When I explain that I am the only one who answers the phone here, as Naomi can't reach the handset yet, and ask if I can have the person who LIED about calling me followed up... he says... no. There is no system for having people who don't do their job, given a gentle reminder about the real meaning of customer service. But he will make a note on my file, that I lodged the complaint.... for which read, I am now black-listed, for the sin of pointing out that someone in their organisation is not doing their job right... or at all.
As for Naomi, she is contemplating an even bigger life question.... Does this nappy make my butt look big?

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