Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First steps...

So much to tell, so little time! I often go for days without blogging, because it is hard to imagine that the little happenings in my life are of any interest to anyone else out there in the Blogosphere, but today I am brimming with things, and only have while Naomi is napping to tell them!

Our little blossom took her first steps last Saturday, with Mummy and Daddy looking on very proudly. I knew it was close because she had shuffled one foot forward a couple of times in the previous days, but the sweet thing held off until her dad was at home to do the real thing. I don't know who was more pleased with themselves - Naomi or Brad! He had been betting that she walked before turning 1 - and she made it, by about 18 hours.

Sunday we had a little party for Naomi's first birthday - just another baby friend of hers from playgroup, and family. It was my first test of birthday cake making - which in my mind, I had built up to be an essential skill for "good mummy-ness"!

I was tempted by the beauty (and simplicity) of the Dolly Varden cakes - bake a cake, plain ice it, stick a doll down the middle and plaster the cake with marshmallows. Even I could manage that. But then I thought it might be best to leave that to a year when Naomi will actually remember and appreciate it ("Remember when you made that lovely fairy princess cake for me, Mummy darling?"). So, instead I made a rectangle cake and cut out a "1" shape, iced it pink and made marshmallow flowers for decoration. I must say, it looked rather good, for a complete amateur. And I am sure that the pink food colouring will wear off the grouting between the kitchen tiles, in time....
Unfortunately the photo of my masterpiece is on DH's camera, which he has taken to work today (no idea why). But I will post it when the camera returns to its rightful place in my "technology" drawer!

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