Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Registered as a Family Daycare Carer!

Yes, it is official... I am now a registered carer for the Family Daycare scheme. I had the final inspection of our house this morning, after we had our handyman in yesterday, to build an enclosure around our pool filter and hot water system.

Brad's parents are visiting at the moment (ideal timing? I think not...). They went out sightseeing today, while I was racing around making sure all of the safety latches are in place, the finger jam stopper was on the sliding door, plastic covers on all the power points, lawn mower away in the garage etc. etc........ all before the 9.00am inspection. And following the worst night of sleeping (or lack of) that Naomi has had in months.

Luckily the frequent wakes last night meant that Naomi was back down for a nap by 8.45am, and slept through the whole inspection.

A friend from the training course that I had to do, had her inspection last Monday. She rang this morning to say that they were very picky, found lots of faults in unexpected places and that she had been disappointed by the negative attitude. You can imagine the bundle of nerves that I was in by the time the FDC co-ordinator arrived!

But I was very pleasantly surprised. We chatted, she looked around the kitchen, then the sleeping area and bathroom. We wandered out into the backyard (still chatting about our kids, where we'd lived etc), and she remarked on how great the new enclosure is (phew!). Then back inside, she signed off all the paperwork and confirmed that a registration certificate will be winging its way to me this afternoon!

So Naomi and I are now wage-earners again. I am only planning to take children on 4 days, because Naomi loves her swimming lessons at the local pool so much that we will continue them, and take that day off together each week. I am looking forward to having other kids here for Naomi to play with, and the contact with the adult world again. And the money certainly won't go astray either. Please wish us luck on this new venture!

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