Sunday, February 17, 2008

Found a bargain!

Brad worked on Saturday, so I found myself driving to the shops with Naomi, at around 8.30am. On the way I happened to pass a sign advertising a garage sale. Maybe it is the wee drop of canny Scottish blood in my veins, but I do love to find a bargain. I quite enjoy rummaging through garage sales! But as it is not really Brad's thing, and sleep on weekend mornings is at a premium, I rarely get the chance.

But here was my opportunity - footloose & fancy free, and with money in my purse! Browsing through the items, I spotted a lovely little set of shelves & drawers for a kids room - but sadly, it was already sold. Then I hit paydirt.

These pillowcases were bundled together with a sign saying "Pair of pillowcases, $2". Seriously?!?! I liked the fabric, could see that they were mariner's compass quilt block patterns, and snapped them up. When I got them home and had a closer inspection, it is clear that these are hand-quilted! Someone's mother / aunt / grandmother has put hours of work into them.... and I got it all for the princely sum of $2!!!

PS -- please ignore the fact that we have a pink floral bedspread on the bed today... I was so excited by my find that I had to use them straight away -- matching linen, or not!

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