Sunday, October 26, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

So I had my scan and 19-week check up last Friday. Everything is fine - the doctor tells me that I am having a 'textbook pregnancy'. Which is comforting, I guess! We don't know whether we are having a boy or girl - we had decided not to find out, but it was hard to say 'no' when the sonographer asked... I was watching the baby move on the screen and wondering "Are you a boy or a girl?".

I had to take a ur*ne sample to the doctor's appointment. As all mothers know there is no privacy whatsoever, and as one of our daycare kids is currently toilet training, Naomi has an obsession with toilets and their workings... She was watching as I filled the sample pot. And insisted on carrying it in the car (after I had tightly sealed the lid). She then resisted all my attempts to put it discreetly in our bag as we walked through the doctor's office. Not my girl -- she waved it around and announced to the receptionist, at full volume ... "Toilet! Mummy undies!"

The only saving grace was that, as the first appointment of the day, there were only staff and 1 other patient to see my humiliation!

Nearly as good a story as my friend, who tucked her sample pot in the back pocket of the seat of her car, couldn't find it at the doctor's surgery so did another sample, then forgot about the whole incident. Until her BOSS discovered a little jar of yellow liquid in the seat pocket, several weeks later, as she was driving them both to an important work meeting!

Does anyone else have an amusing 'sample jar' story?? Or do these things just happen to me, and mine?

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