Monday, October 20, 2008

Love is...

... your hubby getting up early in the morning to deliver your 2 plain crackers to the bedside of your sick little one, where you have been sleeping on the floor all night, knowing that you will be nauseous without them.

Last week Naomi had some sort of viral thing that seems to be going around. She was spiking temperatures of 39.7 deg C (sorry, my maths isn't up to converting to Fahrenheit!), the doctor found no cause of infection so sent us home to ride it out with Panadol and cool sponge baths. 5 days of medicine every 6 hours later the fever broke. Thank goodness its over with no lasting effects (other than that we are back to square 1 with her sleeping habits -- or lack thereof!)

I woke up one morning after tossing and turning on the floor beside Naomi to find 2 Sao biscuits on my pillow - I had forgotten to bring them with me (not anticipating being there ALL night), and Brad noticed when he snuck in first thing to see how we were doing. What a sweetie he is!

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