Monday, January 5, 2009

Stitching days...

What do you get when your lovely Mum drops by on her day off work, to enjoy a girl's afternoon of stitching, craft and cups of tea??

Mayhem in your button collection and days of finding tiny buttons throughout the house. Good one, Gran! But they had fun, and I got to make Naomi a dress on my new sewing machine.

The pattern is a McCalls, and the fabric is a cute gingham and cupcake print that I bought a while ago and has been sitting in my ever-growing stash of materials! Naomi of course refused to model my creation for the camera, so here are the photos on the hanger instead....

It came together very quickly, and you could have all sorts of fun embellising the basic pattern. My question for you all is, how much would you pay for a cute little girl's dress like this, if it was on sale at a market stall (or perhaps on a blog?) with other similar home-made things?? Would A$18 be too much?

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