Thursday, January 1, 2009


No, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet (again)! But Christmas and New Year have been rather crazy, not least because Brad took these 2 weeks off, so we have had lots of family time and activities.

And I have been waiting for time to add perspective to a few things for me... I have found that most things seem a bit better, with time and perspective. We had a lovely Christmas morning, with 5 kids (Naomi and 4 of her cousins), dancing around the Christmas tree desperately waiting for their parents to have their tea and toast in hand, before gifts were distributed. I must congratulate them all on their restraint!

Naomi got into it all, helping Daddy to distribute the presents, and with regular cries of "Another one!" when she didn't have one to rip open herself at any particular time! She has loved the little kitchen set that Santa brought her - it has been great entertainment for her, and we have been offered "Dinner ready - bacon, sausages, egg" at all times of the day. My budding little chef!

Now that I am on a break from the Family Day Care I hope to have more time for blogging and crafting... particularly as darling Brad got me a brand new Janome sewing machine for Christmas!!! It is even quiet enough that I can sew while Naomi is asleep in the next room (the old Bernina that I had was such a clanker that it would often wake her up if I tried to sew during nap times).

I have been reading along my friends' blogs, and glad that you all had a great Christmas / New Year season. My New Year's resolution has to do with some personal peace and quiet, and having 30 minutes to myself occasionally. We shall see how I go with that!

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