Thursday, June 4, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Mmm... it's been quite a while since I linked up for coffee on a Friday. What a wonderful feeling, to be back sipping a warm drink with friends again.

It has been a week of changes. I have just moved to this blog (from Cherished Moments). For some reason, the name was just getting too soppy sweet and schmaltzy for me, when my life is anything but. I am a fairly practical person, and I want my blog to reflect me... whoever that is, this week! I am going to concentrate on posting about my cooking, sewing, kid-raising and life in this lovely small town that we have moved to. I adore country living, and find myself just feeling.... happy.

I am also starting to hosting a great monthly giveaway (see the side-bar to enter). You can come back and enter every week, to win a box of total pamper goodies that will be posted right to your door, anywhere in the world. Draw will be made and winner announced on 1 July.

Other than that, I have been busy with the usual things - toddler to entertain, baby to feed, both kids to snuggle and hug - and rouse on occasionally. What is it about a 2 year old? How can such a sweet looking thing just push my buttons sooooo bad???

I am very excited about getting Sasha Sews up and running. I have posted some advertising buttons on big-time blogs, so hopefully you will see them around the blogosphere (and click on them too!!). Also, look out for a review of one of my bags, and a great giveaway, coming up at the end of the month, by Kristen at We Are That Family.

My favourite Small Thing for this week has definitely been doing something with a book -- gee, what a tough chore to FORCE myself to read my book, while feeding Ryan.

Rachel Anne wants to hear our ideas for long holiday entertainments (I won't say 'summer', because it is now officially winter in Australia!). So here are a couple of links to my posts this week on Playdough fun and some great activity resource websites. I hope they help in keeping your little darlings smiling over the school break!

Better go - Ryan is crying and Naomi is telling me "Mummy, Wyan cwying..." .... Just in case I hadn't heard him!


  1. Yay, I get to be your first commenter! Have a great long weekend. We are off to Aunty Sarah's for afternoon tea in a couple of moments. Let's not mention that it tends to morph into pre dinner drinks ;)

    The blog looks great!

  2. Good to meet, a two year old and six week old.....I remember those days....fondly, actually....I didn't have a Naomi and Ryan but a Leslie and Ryan! Have a great wknd!

  3. Hi, nice to meet you :). I have a one year old and a nine year old. Pretty similar, right? Thanks for sharing coffee with us!

  4. I loved getting points for reading a book, too - that's the kind of housework I could do with more of! Hope your new little business goes well.

    Enjoy the crocheting (looks good, by the way) and have a lovely weekend.

    Best wishes,

  5. Any tips for me? I have a 28 month old and a 3.5 week old. I've read so many books in these past 3.5 weeks while nursing. That's the hardest part with the 2yo...what to do with her during that time when I can't really do too much with her.

    Anyhow, hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Glad you joined us for coffee this week! My youngest is two years old and I know exactly what you mean about cute as a button AND able to push your buttons! :) I love this stage though. He's learning new words, exploring his world and most of the time, he's just plain cute to watch.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Sasha, I love your new blog! Very nice! I can see you've had your hands a little bit with friends is definitely second fiddle to a new baby! Congratulations on him and I hope you are getting a little sleep every now and then!

  8. Beautiful blog! I love the design. :) Welcome back to coffee, and congratulations on the new baby! I look forward to reading more from you!

  9. Hi Sasha! You definately have your hands full! It always took me several months (like six or so) before things started to really feel normal again after a new baby. Hang in there! What sweet blessings you have!
    Love your blog!


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