Friday, June 5, 2009

In which I learn to crochet

The women in my family are all pretty good with their hands.... no, not for giving Swedish massages. For such pastimes as knitting, cross-stitch, and quilting. I like to cross-stitch. I love to sew and do patchwork quilting. But knitting and crochet have eluded me for years.

My wonderful mum has been a knitter, and even a spinner, for many years. Ask me one day about the pet sheep we had for a few years, to supply her addiction, erm, I mean, hobby. I have lost count of the number of times that she has cast on stitches for me, and showed me the basics of knitting. Somehow I just don't get it.

Both my sisters turn out lovely jumpers for their families. I buy the pattern, order the yarn and have it home-delivered to my mother's doorstep, so that she can make me a warm winter jumper. I kid you not. She received the parcel today.

Anyway, I have been on the look-out for a project that I can do while sitting with Sweet Hubby in the evenings, or even while watching cartoons with Miss Naomi -- basically, something that I can do a bit more sociably than the sewing machine allows.

I bought yarn, and a hook. I googled 'basic crochet stitches', and I sat in front of my laptop, peering at blurry Youtube videos. And I think I have got it! This is going to be a scarf for myself - start out small, with no expectations, right?

Isn't it a sign of the times, that instead of humbly asking Mum to show me how to do a foundation row... again ... I sit by myself after the kids are in bed and stare at a computer for an hour, comparing the dodgy stitches on my hook to those on the screen.

** Update ** ... I have since pulled this section of crocheting out. There were holes all through it, from where I 'dropped' stitches, by putting the hook in the wrong place. I somehow managed to go from 25 stitches in a row, down to 14! Version 3 looks much better. Honest.


  1. I'm so glad that you've started crocheting! It's much, much easier that knitting. Next Wednesday, you ought to join me at Mrs. H's for work in progress Wednesday. She would be thrilled to have another person participate!

    I like making baby blankets, too, because they are quick and easy. I always make them smaller than the pattern calls for so they can be used in a car seat or bassinet.

  2. I really want to learn how to crochet or knit. Both the kids grandmothers do and they have started to teach the girls. Now I just need to sit down and learn along with them!

    Like your new name and I posted about your give-away today:)

  3. I'm getting ready to post your tag and I'm planning on linking to this URL. If you would rather I link to your old blog, let me know.


  4. Getting cranky because the stupid internet keeps eating my comment - third time lucky.

    You'll get the hang of it! It's not as hard as it looks :)


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