Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cute bums!

Y'all know that I love cloth nappies - I find a strange sense of peace and accomplishment in seeing a row of cloth nappies on the washing line, drying in the sun. My mind seems to gloss over the fact that they are just going to be pooped on again.

I just used terry towel flat nappies and pilcher covers with Naomi. These worked fine, but I got a bit over the plastic pilchers.

When it came time to swaddle Ryan's little behind, I splurged. I bought this kit of Bummi's prefold nappies, that included 24 cotton nappies, 4 covers and 100 flushable liners. I love them already! The cotton is so soft, I am sure it will be wonderful for that ultra-soft baby skin.

And the covers are so cute - and very convenient. You just place the nappy in the cover, insert baby and wrap it all up in a sweet waterproof parcel, sealed with velcro!

I bought the 7 - 14kgs size (15 - 30 lbs), so hopefully these should do us just about through to toilet training. And all for A$200 (about US$160)! This is going to ease the budget significantly - with Naomi just about toilet trained (for daytime), and Ryan in cloths, the cost of disposable nappies for 2 kids should just about disappear.

But seriously, isn't this the cutest way to wrap a bottom??


  1. Very cute indeed. And a great cost saver for you! Nappies are so expensive, but not as expensive over here as they are in Oz. (Even if you have to buy another box as he might be a big boy, at least splurging another $200 on a box will be much cheaper in the long run.)

  2. That IS a cute way to wrap a bottom!


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