Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WIP Wednesday - scarves & bags

So, I recently revealed to the world that I am painstakingly learning to crochet. I quite enjoy it. However, I suspect that it would be extremely painful for someone who is good at crocheting to watch me do it. The kind of thing that would make you wince, and your fingers itch to take the hook and turn out a beautifully uniform work that doesn't even know the meaning of 'tension issues'. Because let me tell you, I am tense. Well I must be, if the quality of my crocheting is anything to go by!

But here is the ongoing product. Current length is around 27 inches. Note that I haven't photographed the portion that is narrow, then wide, then narrow again. I am still having to count each line to make sure I have done the right number of 'stitches'. (Is that what they are called?)

Something that I am far more proficient at (thankfully), is sewing. And here is a photo of my latest purse creation. I have had this idea in my head for a week or so - it has taken several days to get it together, thanks to the Awful Gastro Week that we had last week. I have just posted it up for sale at Sasha Sews. You know, if you happen to have fallen in love with it and decided that your next outfit ensemble won't be complete unless it is swinging from your hand. Sorry. Enough shameless self-promotion (which you are all no doubt sick of by now)!

I think that the next one I make will be a larger purse size, rather than the little bag-ette.

Now head on over t0 The Place of H to see some far more talented crochet-ers than me!


  1. I hope Mrs. H gets her post up soon. She was rather late last week.

    I definitely would NOT want to take the hook from you because then you wouldn't learn to do it yourself. That's one thing that's good about making baby blankets or dishcloths; they have a border which helps to hide edge inconsistencies. And yes, they are called stitches.

    That bag is very cute! Please, stop! You'll break my bank!

  2. I never could learn to crochet. My sister can and she tried to teach me many times, but it just didn't work!

    That bag is really cute!!


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