Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anyone for seconds?

Remember that tiny newborn baby I introduced to you 5 months ago? Just look at him now!

This is his first 'dinner' - mmmm.... sweet potato and cauliflower, all mushed up. He devoured it! I hadn't intended starting solids until Ryan is 6 months old, but as usual I am being pressured by the medical fraternity because he is not putting on weight to match their charts. (Hello ... his parents barely reach 5'3", on a tall day!)

Anyway, rather than start comp feeding on formula, we have started solid meals a bit early. Oh, that and the fact that he was just about to take a bite out of whoever was holding him at meal times!


  1. I'm glad he enjoyed it! What a great combo!

    My doctor gives me a hard time, too, when I don't start mine on solids at 4 months.

  2. I started Monet on solids at roughly 4 months - milk just was not enough for her and boy, did she enjoy her food!

    BTW, Ryan looks like his big sister in this pic!


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